Young at Heart



The church is a family and we take the role of the older generations in our family very seriously. The joys and trials of life change as we get older so we run a number of groups and activities to cater for those changing needs. 


Gentle Walks


Once a fortnight, on a Friday morning, some of the Young at Heart people, and some others from the local community, go for a walk together. They keep fit and they have a chat on the way round. After the walk they eat lunch together in our cafe. You do not have to be a member of the church to get involved in the gentle walks. Ask for Bernadette



Afternoon Teas


We get the best mismatched charity shop china out, load the cake stands with nice things, and spend an afternoon together. 



Pastoral Care


The church has a dedicated pastoral care team who keep up to date with the physical, emotional and mental health needs of the congregation.